A new browser to work faster.

Mighty is a new browser that loads pages faster, finds docs quickly, and remains snappy with hundreds of tabs to save you time and make you more productive at work.

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More Tabs, Less Memory

Mighty uses 10x less memory than Google Chrome. Load hundreds of tabs without it stalling and slowing down your computer to work faster.

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I don’t have to worry about being efficient with tabs, I can just focus on the work itself. It makes everything feel quicker and lighter.

rajiv ayyangar headshot
Rajiv Ayyangar
CEO @ Tandem
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Blazing Fast Performance

Heavy web apps, meet the cloud browser.

Mighty streams your browser from a powerful computer in the cloud. You won't feel lag while typing, moving your mouse, or scrolling. Busy processing is offloaded when you work with heavy web apps like Figma, Airtable, or Gmail. A micro footprint with Mighty functionality.

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Work without the fan noise.

Busy processing is moved into the cloud so your computer won’t sound like a jumbo jet. You don’t need a computer with bleeding edge thermal efficiency now. Do intense work, have more tabs open, and multi-task without the noise.

Mighty is wickedly fast. The best part? Since using it, the fan in my MacBook Pro has never turned on once.

zach davidson headshot
Zach Davidson
Partner Operations  @ Village Global
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Work Faster, Stay in Flow

Zoom into your meetings.

Get a reminder about your meetings one minute before they start so you can stay focused on your work until it's time. No more hunting down the meeting link.

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Type ⌘J and you’re instantly in the meeting
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zoom call
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Now 1:1 meeting
Press esc to dismiss
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Tab switch lets you jump between tabs.

Once you have a window full of tabs, it gets hard to determine which tab is which. Tab switch lets you quickly find a tab in the same familiar way you move between your desktop apps: type option + tab, instead of ⌘ tab.

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Mighty has helped me become way faster to execute inside of Facebook Ads Manager. Specifically, opening up ad creatives, making changes, and assessing performance.

ben levy headshot
Ben Levy
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Never lose your work.

A browser that's always on.

Even if you shutdown or switch to a different computer, your browser will always be on. Exactly how you left it. That means you’ll never lose tabs that remind you of something to do or contain an article you want to read later. You can quickly jump back to work.

Instantly find a Google document

Find a Google doc at the speed at which you type. Sorted by when you recently opened a doc. Fast access by shortcut. Say goodbye to tediously waiting for Google Drive to load.

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google drive search
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No more cookie banners or ads.

You will no longer see cookies notices or ads while browsing—giving you a browser free of relentless distractions. Even as websites change, Mighty is constantly updating and monitoring websites to keep unwanted content at bay.

Technical Benefits

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Over 2 Gbps.

Breaking the bandwidth barrier

Your Internet speed while using Mighty is over 2 Gbps. You’re running your browser closely connected to the backbone of the Internet where it is peering with other services. Latency is lower to fetch resources making web apps load faster.

Dedicated memory lets you run heavy web apps & keep more tabs open

Your browser gets its own 32 GB of system memory so that your browser stays blazing fast. That means you can keep heavy web apps in the background and have more tabs to keep important work around.

Powerful Dual AMD EPYC processors

Each browser instance gets 8 vCPUs using state-of-the-art AMD (Milan) CPUs running at 3.2 GHz.


Save Battery Life

2 more hours to stay in flow


The fastest browser deserves the fastest graphics too

Run supercharged NVIDIA GPUs to make web apps that demand graphics-intensive workloads to render at amazing speeds. The difference is astounding when using applications like Figma.

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Security & Privacy

Protecting your information and your right to privacy is our top priority. We commit to keeping your browser history private, your logged in identity secure, and your information under your control. Let us be clear: your data will never be sold. We recognize that we earn our trust with you every day and that won’t be easy.

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Limited access. You’re in control
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Encryption over the wire
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Security audits to stay ahead
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Two-factor authentication
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Browser isolation keeps your data safe
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Your data is your data. You’re not the product

Chartio is way faster. Dashboard rendering with all those data points is more intense than I thought. I compared it to Chrome and it’s not just snappier, it’s “multi-second” faster.

sanjay dastor headshot
Sanjay Dastor
CEO, Co-Founder @ Skip
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Work faster.

Mighty loads pages faster, finds docs quickly, and remains snappy with hundreds tabs to make you more productive at work.

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