How does Mighty work?

Mighty works by streaming video from our servers to your local computer at very low latency.

How do I know I can trust Mighty with my data?

Mighty does three things to protect your data: your data lives on our secure servers that are audited by 3rd party security firms, it has tight control in terms of who can access it, access is heavily audited and logged, and your most sensitive data is also encrypted.

Mighty last ran a large-scale audit of its code and infrastructure in Feb, 2022 by a reputable security firm. We will regularly audit our infrastructure every year.

Where is my data housed?

Your data is stored on the virtual machine that you use in the cloud which is isolated from others. You have direct control over that information. Mighty does not store your data anywhere else. If you decide to leave the service, the data will be wiped and deleted.

Who can access my data/browsing history?

Your data will never be shared with another person or entity. There are strict policies internally about viewing someone’s browser history: it is prohibited. We use automated tools that access your instance in order to update your browser’s software to keep making Mighty better.

How do I (or my company) verify that Mighty does not capture keystrokes?

Mighty does not store keystrokes however we do capture keystrokes to send them from your local machine to your hosted machine in the cloud. Your keystrokes are encrypted over the wire when being sent.

How do I have guarantees that Mighty isn’t going to do anything it shouldn’t?

We believe that the people who use our service expect us to protect their information and their right to privacy as our top priority. We commit to keeping your browser history private, your logged in identity secure, and your information under your control. Let us be clear: your data will never be sold. We recognize that we earn our trust with you every day and that won’t be easy.

Where is Mighty keeping all of the cookies? Are they on Mighty servers or my local device?

Your cookies are stored on Mighty’s servers on a virtual machine that is isolated from other people’s machines and has tight control over who can access the machine directly. We access cookies stored on our servers so that your browser can be blazing fast versus incurring extra latency. We don't store those cookies anywhere else and you have complete control over which cookies are stored on your instance.

How can I trust that Mighty will wipe my machine when I leave?

We can send you an email receipt, if asked, to ensure you have our guarantee in writing that the action was taken. At Mighty, we view housing sensitive information from past users as risky and might make us more of a target. To minimize that risk, we prefer to not keep your data on the machine when you leave.

I work in a field that requires HIPAA compliance, does Mighty meet those standards? What about SOC-2?

Not at this time - we may look at getting compliance in late 2022.

How are you keeping my data separate from other users? Will “neighbors” on your system be able to observe what other browsers are doing/storing? How do you prevent those attacks?

Mighty uses virtual machines which are widely accepted as secure for isolating environments. People will not be able to observe what other browsers are doing or are storing because of our controls around authentication, encryption, and other security measures

When your browser runs in the cloud, it keeps you safe every day if your local computer were to be compromised or stolen.

Will I have any control to delete my cookies and clear my cache?

Absolutely - you can do this right within the UI in Mighty just as you would with Google Chrome.

What logs do you keep and for how long?

Various logs have different retention periods but for most logs that we ingest for debugging purposes only and are stripped of sensitive information are only kept for no longer than 6 months.

Do you capture my entire browsing history, even after Chrome is cleared?

Absolutely not.

What other identifiable information do you keep, and for how long?

We only keep the email address you signed up with on file. Once you decide you want to cancel the service, we will wipe the slate clean.

How can I report a security vulnerability?

Please report it via email to

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